The aesthetics of the facade face is not compromised by any visible fastening components.There are no limits to creativity. Whether elegant, traditional, modern, or unconventional any facade designs can be implemented.

The GuteAnker system reduces the work involved as fewer holes are required and creates economic advantages by generally allowing thinner panels to be used, particularly if rare and expensive cladding material is requested.


Drilled holes are checked continuously with a monitoring tool to insure that the drilled anchor hole has the correct depth so that the bottom of the anchor can fully expand into the form fit drill hole.


All our anchors are made from high quality A2, AISI304 stainless steel.

The GuteAnker anchor was developed for mechanical, non adhesive concealed anchoring for different facade cladding materials.

Positioning of concealed anchors on the back of the panel can be selected without restrictions. A wide range of alternatives is made available as to the quality and design of the material. The facade performance will be more effective and in tune with the requirements of specific materials.

The facade of a building provides a unique appearance. Designers can imagine many possibilities with different facade materials but they feel that their ideas are impractical due to restriction in anchoring.

The installers of delightful and impressive facade materials are enabled by the GuteAnker concealed anchoring method to achieve the designers vision.

There are no limits to creativity. Whether elegant, traditional, modern, delicate or unconventional even the boldest facade designs can be implemented.


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